Album "Pochette surprise” disponible sur toutes les plateformes et en disque vinyle collector

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Album "Pochette surprise" available on all platforms and as a collector's vinyl record

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Aliashka album “Pochette Surprise” in ultra visual Collector vinyl by Leturk, 500 signed and numbered copies.
Here you can help me develop my project by buying my first vinyl at the price you want. The public is an actor of what he listens to. 15€ / 20€ / 30€ / 50€ / Free amount.


An ultra-modern enigma, armed with a million brilliant ideas, Aliashka is the perfect pop polymath. A French singer, songwriter, composer, dancer and actor, with Mongolian and Dutch roots, she arrives with an all-encompassing, futuristic pop sound: unique, dazzling and irresistible.

Aliashka began her artistic life at college, writing songs and poems, influenced by authors like Victor Hugo, Celine, Tolstoy and Emily Dickinson, but also more contemporary writers Stephen King and George Orwell. Thrilled by the rush of creativity, she channelled her passion into music, learning to sing with tutor Peterson Cowan, and steadily refining and re-defining her singular vision of what pop music could be. She wrote and recorded her first songs in 2011, in collaboration with film composer Jean-Pierre Taïeb.

A self-taught songwriter, Aliashka has since developed her own unique way of composing and singing, with a vivid and vital combination of poetry, word play, eccentric figures of speech and sound games. On long-awaited debut album Pochette Surprise, her wild imagination and razor-sharp pop sensibilities combine in a shower of rainbow sparks.

An inspirational, euphoric blend of cutting edge pop, orchestral extravagance, alien electronics and the coolest hip-hop beats, Pochette Surprise is a sublime showcase for Aliashka’s esoteric modernism.

With echoes of everyone from Bjork and Massive Attack to Hot Chip and Self-Esteem, and with beats and grooves from every conceivable corner of the globe, songs like first single Totem and the dynamic, dramatic Touché Saoulé offer a heady kaleidoscope of sound. It’s pop and it’s urban; it’s sharp and groovy, but soulful and poetic too. While always delivering hooks of great opulence, Aliashka inhabits many sonic environments throughout the album, revealing a theatrical, almost clown-like aesthetic that adds yet more intrigue and charisma to the party.

With the brightest of futures looming over the horizon, Aliashka is working hard on preparations for her Pochette Surprise tour. Guaranteed to be an experience like no other, her live show deigns to combine all of the singer’s many disciplines, with singing, music, masked drummers, wild choreography, poetry and theatre combining in sweet, ground-breaking harmony. A multi-discipline, ground-breaking feast for the senses, it promises to be the live event of 2023. With plans to take her show anywhere and everywhere, as soon as humanly possible, Aliashka has everything she needs. The future is there for the taking.



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LabelDelphine Ferré
BookingClaire Twardy
PublishingMarc Lumbroso

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